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A meme! Gacked from damn near everybody.

Name a fandom and I'll tell you which character I most likely:

Want as my mentor:
Bake cupcakes for:
Lend my books to:
Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof:
Have a crush on:
Pack up and leave if they moved next door:
Vote for President:
Pick as my partner in a buddy movie:
Want as my boss:
Want as my best friend:


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Nov. 11th, 2012 11:29 pm (UTC)
Nov. 12th, 2012 12:31 am (UTC)
Edited: Let's try this again!

Want as my mentor: Theoden King, who could teach a person what it is to be a king.

Bake cupcakes for: Merry and Pippin who would eat them all and look for more.

Lend my books to: Faramir of Gondor, who was a scholar before he was a ranger.

Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Lobelia Sackville-Baggins who is the very worst sort of hobbit, and is no better than she ought to be.

Have a crush on: Hahaha, like I could choose just one. Merry because he is fierce, Sam because he is deeply loyal, Faramir because of his nobility, Eowyn because she is fierce, I could go on. We could be here all night.

Pack up and leave if they moved next door: The Sackville-Bagginses or Saruman and Wormtongue. I would not care to be neighbors with any of them.

Vote for President: I'd vote the Brandybuck/Took ticket.

Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Bilbo Baggins. There will be some disagreement over which one of us is the hapless sidekick though.

Marry: Faramir of Gondor (if I only get to pick one).

Want as my boss: NOT Sauron. They get lousy pay and their vision/dental plan is terrible.

Sue: Saruman for illegal genetic breeding experiments and violation of EPA standards.

Want as my best friend: Samwise Gamgee. With him at your side you could damn near anything.

Edited at 2012-11-12 03:38 am (UTC)
Nov. 11th, 2012 11:52 pm (UTC)
Harry Potter
Nov. 12th, 2012 03:49 am (UTC)
Harry Potter
Want as my mentor: Minerva McGonagall. She's strong, proud, brave and stands her ground.

Bake cupcakes for: Crabbe and Goyle. And I wouldn't even put sleeping potion in. Bless them, they got the short end of the stick being Draco's goons.

Lend my books to: Hermione Granger or Luna Lovegood.

Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: Pansy Parkinson she's awful and I don't like her face. Or Snape. Like _samalander said, he may have been incredibly brave (and good at being a spy), but he was a wretched, abusive teacher. WTF was Dumbledore thinking letting him anywhere near children? Especialy first years?!?

Have a crush on: Ron Weasley. Weasley is my king. :o)

Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Ernie MacMillan's family. Think how very earnest they must all be.

Vote for President: Arthur Weasley. Or Kinglsey Shacklebolt. A Shaklebolt/Weasley ticket could make some headway, I think.

Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Luna Lovegood. Quirky smart non-conformist girls unite!

Marry: Neville Longbottom. He is a bad ass.

Want as my boss: Xenophilius Lovegood. I could do copy-editing for him.

Sue: The Daily Prophet. What a rag! It was obviously deeply influenced by the corrupted Ministry!

Want as my best friend: Neville Longbottom see above in re: badassery.

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Nov. 12th, 2012 06:56 am (UTC)
Re: Harry Potter
GOYLE! I have this "thing" about Goyle. It's a thing. I keep trying to write it into a story and it just won't work so there is not story where I have a thing about Goyle but it's there. The thing. *grins*

I'd totally vote for Shacklebolt/Weasley!
Nov. 13th, 2012 05:11 am (UTC)
Cause no one's asked yet.
Nov. 13th, 2012 08:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Avengers!
Want as my mentor: Dr. Erskine

Bake cupcakes for: Cap. Poor bubby, he's had a rough time.

Lend my books to: Bruce.

Put thumbtacks on the chair thereof: The Council. Although the one on the right looks like someone already did.

Have a crush on: Hahaha. Yes. Particularly on Tony, Pepper and Steve.

Pack up and leave if they moved next door: Obadiah Stane. Not a nice man.

Vote for President: I have a Rogers/Stark 2012 tshirt, for real.

Pick as my partner in a buddy movie: Clint. We'd have to arm-wrestle over who gets to be the sarcastic one, though.

Marry: Steve. He's such a sweetie.

Want as my boss: Jeez. Um.

Sue: Hammer, maybe? For being awful.

Want as my best friend: Darcy.
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